Thursday, April 24, 2014


Started to draw again. I am taking an online workshop by Danny Gregory and other artists. It's called Sketch Skool. Maybe you'd like to check it out. It's a basic class about keeping a sketchbook. It's more of a motivational workshop with some tips. I am terrible at keeping a sketchbook journal going and this helps keep the process flowing. I would really like to continue and this workshop helps me do that through motivation. When I started this blog it was for anything I liked basically. Then it became more of an Ozzy the French Bulldog blog. So I'm not straying from the dog photos. I'm actually just adding other things too. Anyway, that's my path right now. 
My neighbor's house. 

I took a picture of the empty lot where my house was being built. I took a few photos and then did this watercolor in my sketchbook. The paper isn't heavy or correct type for watercolors, but I wanted to try it anyway. the paper crinkled, but I don't care. 

Ozzy in color pencil and pen. Well, I had to have Ozzy in there. LOL!

I took a few pictures of this Buddha in a Northampton, MA store. I drew from that. 

A picture I took in Suffield, CT. I drew from that.

I am reading a book about photography that has work from innovators in it like Andy Warhol. I couldn't sleep the other night and I came up with this. I've had this idea a long time ago to produce a huge picture with more of these, but more tattered looking. I will come back to this at another time. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Fifth Year of Ozzy Continues

First shot is out of order. Again, I don't know why that is. So odd. eBlogger is so buggy and finicky. 

03-24-14 (1611)
03-22-14 (1609)

03-23-14 (1610)

03-25-14 (1612)

03-26-14 (1613)

03-27-14 (1614)

03-28-14 (1615)

03-29-14 (1616)

03-30-14 (1617)

03-31-14 (1618)

04-01-14 (1619)

04-02-14 (1620)

04-03-14 (1621)

04-04-14 (1622)