Thursday, March 20, 2014

Triptych & Abduction

Playing with the new Sony NEX 6 which is replacing my Sony NEX 5 kit. I used the onboard flash unit just for fun. 

Ozzy was on my lap getting his paws scratched. Very difficult to get a shot with one hand operation. Above is the result. I liked the photo though as I thought it was funny, and I can see this having some sort of text above to accompany it. 

I love the expression here. Again, I can see myself adding text above to make it even funnier. 

Love his expression here. Artsy fartsy in nature, but I don't care. 

Love the expression and more artsy fartsy.

I clipped the nose but I still love his expression. He looks like a bat in mid-bite. (My sister told me that.)

Of course I had to make a triptych of it. 

Thought of this today. Added an alien spaceship about to abduct Ozzy. So the title of this photo is "Abduction".

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