Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ozzy Project: Year 5?

Yeah, I know! I started the 5th year and I'm crazy. Well, to tell you the truth, it was hard to stop this project. Because once it's done, it's done! I could stop now that I'm well beyond the fourth year, but for some reason, it's like a tired, old habit that keeps going. I am actually pleased with many of the shots this year though, so maybe I'm not that crazy. People expect to see Ozzy on Flickr every day. He's like a fixture. Then again, I think I may change this to a weekly project. I've been saying that for many years too. I wonder if I am the longest running project for photographing my dog on a daily basis. I hope so. Anyway, I will do this day by day as it pleases me. It's been my art, my job, my love for over 4 years. Enjoy! 

I used a Leica D-Lux 4, Sony NEX 5, Nikon D90 wit 50mm F/1.8 lens, and a Sigma DP2M. I sold the Fuji XE-1 camera. Dummy me. I know. Their RAW issues and the so painfully slow AF on the camera, even with updates made me feel it. I do miss those lovely jpegs, but I shoot RAW most of the time, so it was a wasted camera for me. I think the Fuji XE-2 may be an improvement, but I'm not getting another camera just yet as so many new ones are coming out and I can't see much of a difference nowadays within the brands. Sony came out with a full frame A7 and A7r camera, which may be something to nab one day, but the cost is ridiculous and the files would tax my already coughing iMac computer. So, maybe one day down the road, I can look at other options, but it would have to be a damned fine camera and lens combo for me to upgrade because I just don't have the cash. I do like the Ricoh GR though, but I am reading reviews and waiting. 

Anyway, so many lovely cameras coming out that make Ozzy look different via the lenses and sensors. I love the Leica D-Lux 4 for its 24mm lens and sharpness, something the Sony lacks. The 1:1 square ratio is awesome, and Sony doesn't have that either. The Leica lens is fast at the wide end (2.0). The camera is small and pocketable to some extent, though not as pocketable as the Canon S95 that I used to own. The Leica makes up for its small sensor with its quality though. Between the sensor and lens, I am able to get great pictures. It falls short in high ISO, which makes sense. Sony makes up for its lacking sharpness in kit lenses with its lovely APS-C sensor. The files are creamy and look sublime in black and white. Color is no slacker either. I still use the Nikon D90 D-SLR because it's got that lovely Bokeh 50mm lens. (75mm crop factor). Plus the sensor is wonderful too. Quite frankly, it's the most versatile for taking pictures of my dog, but the Sony is the easiest to me with its kit lens. It's the camera I grab the most due to laziness. LOL! Lots of people hate the Sony NEX series, but I love that camera. Its small and the sensor is fabulous in low light. Yeah, the kit lenses kind of suck, not as sharp as the others, but again, for some reason, the file signature is quite lovely when done right. I have gotten sharp results from the kit lens, and I do sharpen in Photoshop, so it helps. 

Enter the Sigma DP2M. I adore using this pain-in-the-ass camera. Funny huh? The Sigma has the Foveon sensor, and it is the hardest to capture a dog moving about. But when I do, it's a lovely shot. The files do take some tweaking color-wise. But the files have so much dynamic range, it blows away the other cameras when shot with a low ISO rating. The lens is very sharp too. So, win-win. The wide angle lens 30m (45mm crop factor) isn't quite the portrait lens, but I still love this camera. 

As for Ozzy, he is the ultimate professional model, always giving me the perfect expression for any particular day. The only thing he hates on the camera is the AF red light. it does make him turn his head a lot. A treat makes him endure it. Poor thing. Ozzy is doing well. He is such a lovely soul and his photographs make me happy. I guess that's why I keep doing this. We bond together with the photography process to make Ozzy Art. Isn't that what life is all about, art & love? LOL!
10-31-13 (1467)

11-01-13 (1468)

11-02-13 (1469)

11-03-13 (1470)

11-04-13 (1471)

11-05-13 (1472)

11-06-14 (1473)

11-07-13 (1474) 

11-08-13 (1475)

11-09-13 (1476) 

11-10-13 (1477)

11-11-13 (1478)

11-12-13 (1479)

11-13-13 (1480)

11-14-13 (1481)

11-15-13 (1482)

11-16-13 (1483)

11-17-13 (1484)

11-18-13 (1485)

11-19-13 (1486)

11-20-13 (1487)

11-21-13 (1488)

11-22-13 (1489)

11-23-13 (1490)

11-24-13 (1491)

11-25-13 (1492)

11-26-13 (1493)

11-27-13 (1494)

11-28-13 (1495)

11-29-13 (1496)

11-30-13 (1497)

12-01-13 (1498)

12-02-13 (1499)

12-03-13 (1500)

12-04-13 (1501)

12-05-13 (1502)

12-06-13 (1503)

12-07-13 (1504)

12-08-13 (1505)

12-09-13 (1506)

12-10-13 (1507)

12-11-13 (1508)

12-12-13 (1509)

12-13-13 (1510)

12-14-13 (1511)

12-15-13 (1512)

12-16-13 (1513)

12-17-13 (1514)

12-18-13 (1515)

12-19-13 (1516)

12-20-13 (1517)

12-21-13 (1518)

12-22-13 (1519)

12-23-13 (1520)

12-24-13 (1521)

12-25-13 (1522)
Merry Christmas!

12-26-13 (1523)

12-27-13 (1524)

12-28-13 (1525)

12-29-13 (1526)

12-30-13 (1527)

12-31-13 (1528)

01-01-14 (1529)

01-02-14 (1530)

01-03-14 (1531)

01-04-14 (1532)

01-05-14 (1533)

01-06-14 (1534)

01-07-14 (1535)

01-08-14 (1536)

01-09-14 (1537)

01-10-14 (1538)

01-11-14 (1539)

01-12-14 (1540)

01-13-14 (1541)

01-14-14 (1542)

01-15-14 (1543)

01-16-14 (1544)

01-17-14 (1545)

01-18-14 (1546)

01-19-14 (1547)

01-20-14 (1548)

01-21-14 (1549)

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