Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Catching Up my Extra Files

These shots are extras from the end of my third year and the beginning of the fourth year to the present day. I will post all of the latest in the fourth year soon. I am slowly weeding out pictures. It's hard because I find so many of them lovely to me, but I know whoever visits here will find it monotonous.

Puffy Fish

Looking for falling cookies


Lion of this Library

Catching Rays

Ozzy Sculpture
Zen State

Ozzy Sculpture


"Remove that text above me."

"You should have named me Zen."

"My thoughts are heavy too."

"Feel free to massage me now."

King of the Castle

"Will someone please throw a cookie my way?"

"Walk where?"

"I'm not amused."

"Don't forget that I also support French Bulldogs."

"Enjoying the view?"


"Vet? What Vet?"

"Can I poop later?"

"How do I poop on fake grass?"

"This is my poker face."

"I dread walks."


"I need a paw massage!"

Fancy Collar

Light & shadow




"Do I have to growl at you?"

"Is that a bug?"

"Where are my swim trunks? I want to bathe in the sunlight!"

Fancy Collar

"You must be kidding!"

"I'm not walking!"

"Jump out? What?"

"Too sleepy to care."

"How did you find me?"

"Is that Fage Yogurt? You know I only like Fage yogurt!"

"Please start with the paw closest to you for that paw massage."

"How do I look in stripes?"

Sleepy Ozzy

"Walk? Uhm, No!"

"I don't play these silly reindeer games."


"Don't look now, but there is someone following me."

Ozzy in the window

(Test shots with a Fuji X-E1)

Fading Fast

Light and Shadow

"Awwww, snoooze!"

Tiger Stripes





The look I get when I replace the water bottle that he just crushed in the Bumble toy. 

"Is that a quarter?"

Bumble & Ozzy


"Can I visit my neighbor now?"

Goof Ball Destruction

"I hear steak on the grill."

"You don't love steak?"

"But I love steak!"


"I'm taller than you. Feed me."

"I'm not listening to you."


Giant Monster

Cowering Chicken

Show Dog

Imitation of a Gargoyle


Waiting for chow



Typical Day with Ozzy

"I'm waiting for my chow still."

"You're tall!"

I guess the couch isn't comfortable enough. Ozzy has to also include blankets and pillows.

Head shaped like a heart

"Uhm, the treat won't pick itself up!"


No Privacy. Ozzy as gargoyle making lawn ornaments.

He now sleeps in the bed. Good God! What have I started?



I'm testing a Fuji X-E1. I haven't decided if I want to keep it. It is a lovely camera, but still has a slow AF which can be annoying in low light situations. I shoot indoors a lot with no flash, so rely on high ISO and the camera I use must be able to handle that. I have found that the Fuji X-E1 with 18-55 kit lens is pretty damn good producing out of camera (ooh) JPEGS, but that the AF is a tad slow, even with the lens firmware update. I am hoping Fuji addresses the problem. Still, I don't want to go back to fully using a heavy D-SLR or to a smaller sensor. I have been thinking about trying the Olympus OM-D, but due to it being a smaller censored camera, I find it difficult to go backwards in quality. Still, the Olympus has many lenses and a faster AF speed. So, something to think about. Meanwhile, I am trying to enjoy my camera for what it is. I have a few more days to decide if I will keep it. Why didn't Fuji give this a tilt screen? Geez, that really pisses me off. Also, why wont this camera shoot in different ratios in the RAW mode? What were they thinking about there? Lastly, RAW is a bitch to convert, and when it is converted, it isn't quite up to snuff. They really haven't figured out how to properly convert and keep all of the information. Adobe needs to get on this, and Fuji needs to switch the files to DNG format to begin with and get rid of that other BoBo format. What the F*ck were they thinking? Ugh, it makes me so irritated. The AF speed is another blunder. Fuji has the best in files though. It's why most people stay with the cameras. the lenses are beautiful and the JPEGS coming out of the camera are sublime. But boy do you have to know how to get them.

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