Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Third Year Ends. Fourth?

I have no idea why Google's eBlogger decided to post these photos out of sequence. I apologize for that. This is the end of the third year of photographing Ozzy. All black and white photos too. I will post my favorite extras following this post, as each day there was more than one photo to choose from as being the best. It was hard some days to do that. I will also try to write a bit more as it can get tedious scrolling through thousands of Ozzy photos without a story attached to them. I'm just trying to catch up the posts. I ran into a glitch when Google shut down my postings due to hitting the ceiling on available storage. I guess I either have to pay up or, start deleting photos. Facebook doesn't do that. They just post the photos. Google is greedy, I think. 

Thus ends year three of photographing Ozzy in black and white only. I missed color. Yes, I started a fourth year, but don't know how long that will last. It's a huge project, and I never thought I'd make it this far, and it seems like it's taken a life of its own now. 
10-21-12 (1092)

10-23-12 (1094)

10-25-12 (1096)

10-22-12 (1093)

10-24-12 (1095)

10-26-12 (1097)

10-28-12 (1099)

10-28-12 (1099)

10-27-12 (1098)

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