Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beyond 365 Days with Ozzy

These are part of my "Beyond 365 Days with Ozzy" project.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beyond 365 Days with Ozzy

Again, I see a series of wide-angle Ozzy and my feet!

Funny Face!
Cow Tongue!

More beyond 365 days shots of Ozzy! I just love this dog!

Extra Ozzy Pictures

Morning Light
Packing Ozzy for our move to Arizona


I see a series of my feet and wide-angle pics of my dog!

All my stuff. What's left of it.

Motel 6

Ozzy traveling across country with me. Dog is my Co-Pilot.
Ozzy in St Louis near the Arch. We hung out in a parking lot. I used iPhone and Hipstamatic app. 

Tucumcari, New Mexico at the Motel 6

Ozzy's back paw

Ozzy at the new apartment in Arizona.

He loves Greenies Hedgehogs.

Playing with hues to give you an idea of what the grass in Arizona is really like: harsh and dry.

Part of the Ozzy and feet series.

Ozzy's new collar. OM!

The King

Trying to give a film feel using digital gear.

Diptych Lip!


Waiting for the dehydrated Honest Kitchen organic food to re-hydrate.
Still waiting. He has to wait ten minutes. His high-pitched faint whine was unnerving. 

Ozzy melting in the Arizona Sun. Actually, I'm just using textures. 
I love using textures in Photoshop.
The original 
Before the texture.
After the texture.

Here are more extra Ozzy pictures from my project. I'm over 600 days now. Yippee!