Sunday, June 19, 2011

Extra Ozzy Pictures

If you were to scroll through the pages of this blog, you'd probably have a seizure due to the amount of pictures I have posted here on my dog Ozzy. I post them because I don't know how long a file will last. Will it last on my hard drives, on my other blogs? Can I take that chance? I've even printed two books on Ozzy's photos. The first one was on the 365 day project. The second one was on my favorite outtakes from that project. I figure if the internet crashes or my hard drive dies, I will have some physical copy of my digital Ozzy files. The reality is that in 2o years, this could all go "poof", be gone, not exist. My slides and negatives are still with me. I can't say that about these files. Will they be around in 20 years? I'd like them to outlive me. I don't know how significant this project or the art will be by then, but to me it's very important to preserve these photos, err, I mean files. What would you do with your digital media? I've saw Chase Jarvis' you tube video on how he saves to these HUGE servers, then another server in another location, and yet another bunch of hard drives. It's mind-boggling. If I were a pro, I'd be worried about the vast amount of file storage I'd need for these very large RAW data files. It adds up, and it can all disappear in a nanosecond. Scary, huh?