Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fiona & Ozzy Dance

I made this video on my iPhone 4. Yeah I know I should have turned the phone horizontally! Give me a break. It's my first time using the video capabilities of this phone.I made this video because Ozzy went into surgery a few days later for a knee operation. He has a floating knee, what is called a luxating patella. So, this is the last I'll see him running and having fun with his girlfriend (Fiona) for a good 8 weeks at least. Recovery time for knee surgery is quite long. I'm not going to do anything that would risk my dog getting re-injured. Once we get the okay, I will start taking him on some light walks and hikes. I know he loves walking in the woods. I call in a while to see if he can come home today (08-17-10).

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