Saturday, August 28, 2010

Extra Ozzy

Extra Ozzy Pictures! There's so many of them!
I love his soulful eyes.
Ozzy carrying his Fage yogurt Cup.
Ozzy looks like he has a pig snout on his face. It's a Fage Yogurt Cup.
Sleeping Piglet
Ozzy loves yogurt
Bat Boy
Dark Shadows
Really Alert
A series of pictures where Ozzy is lounging around in his crate in the early hours of the morning. He didn't want to budge. I can't blame him. I wanted to go back to sleep too.

Can you stay awake long enough to go potty at least?
He loves the bed.
Chewing a dog bone.
Using the widest angle of the lens on the Leica D-Lux 4 camera.

Light & Shadow

Ozzy looks so mature now.

Check out his chicken wing, and the scar!

This is how Ozzy sits now to avoid bending that knee. He does physical therapy where he does puppy squats. That's where the dog sits, then stands and repeats.

Caught with Elmo. Bad Dog. LOL!

Listening to the outside world.

He wants to run around outside, but can't due to his recuperation of knee surgery.

It's all about following the bouncing cookie.
I love Ozzy in black and white.
Waiting for the reward.
Side View
Head Shot
We have rabbits in our yard that Ozzy observes but never chases.
Attention is Elsewhere
La la la la la la la la la la la la la
Poor thing. It must hurt.
On The Brick
Really Hungry!
"I Won't Do It!"
Naughty and Shaved Bits

Such a handsome dog.

Ozzy is doing crop circles again. Yippee!

Puffy Mug!

Did he eat a lemon to make this face? Ha!

Ozzy hears Fiona barking next door.

I love Ozzy in black and white.
That disgusted look he gives me when he's done with posing. Too funny!

Ozzy The Model

That "Lady Gaga" look.

Ozzy isn't supposed to be climbing. I'm taking the picture when it quickly dawned on me. Oops.

Walking Away

Alex petting Ozzy. Ozzy guarding his wounds.

Ozzy and his shaved butt.

Ozzy licking his chops

Ozzy hiding from the camera next to Alex, my nephew.

This is the day after Ozzy's knee surgery. He was in a lot of pain. The second day home, he was fine. Go figure. He favors the leg, but he only whined the first day for one second. Tough little, trooper! I feel terrible that I had to have him go through this. It was a necessary surgery due to his floating knee. There were no alternatives that could have corrected this. You'd think with today's technology there would be an alternative to surgery.
He was standing like a horse. No weight on this leg. So strange to see this. The surgeon stitched him up perfectly. I started to call him Zipper after I saw this.
These pictures of Ozzy in his crate are the day following his surgery. He was miserable. Look at his poor face!

Yoga Stretch. Last one due to surgery the very next day.

I love profile shots.

Bambi Eyes

He looks disgusted.

Side View


Ozzy Making Crop Circles

Egg Day?

Over The Shoulder Farrah Fawcett Pose

The Money Shot
Waiting on the brick. He hated standing on it.
Ignoring me. Ignoring the camera.
I kept throwing dog bones at Ozzy. He kept catching them.
Ozzy caught this one!
Ozzy in mid-catch.
Where did I leave that cookie?

Ozzy about to catch a dog cookie.

Perfect Pose
Ozzy hiding from the camera.
Back off! This is my stick!
Sweet Eyes
Funny Face
My favorite shot of Ozzy licking his chops.

Listening for Fiona (his girlfriend)



Blowing Bubbles!
Loads more extra photos of Ozzy that are lovely, but I could only choose one per day for my project.