Thursday, February 12, 2009


All of these are from film. From top to bottom:
1. Alex with Tillie: Rollleiflex TLR
2. Alex with hat: Nikon 8008, I believe.
3. Mona posing: SX 70 Polaroid film altered while chemical was drying with stylus.
4. Sue & Ma: film camera (Nikon 8008)
5. Sue with wind blowing hair: Polaroid
6. Alex B&W: Rolleiflex TLR
7.-8. Alex as child: SX 70 Polaroids altered while chemical was drying.
9.-10. Self-portraits of me with Keyboard: SX 70 Polaroids that were altered while chemicals dried
11. Alex with glasses and ball: SX 70 Polaroid altered.
12. Sue with cake on face: Nikon 8008.
13. Diane & Alex as child: Nikon 8008
14.-15. Phillippe and Francois: Canon AE-1, I believe.
16. Me & Ramona posing with apples: SX 70 Polaroid altered.

17. Me & Ma: SX 70 Polaroid altered
18. Morgan Horse, Baby Huey: Canon Ae-1, I believe.
19.-21. Diane at a younger age: Fujica ST605 or Canon AE-1.

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