Friday, January 23, 2009

343/365 669 Polaroid Film

This film was going to be thrown out due to its expiration date being May 2005! I asked if I could have it, and it was given to me. I know Polaroid is now defunct, but this film still may make some images? Not sure. I hope the color is bizarre due to its expiration, so I get cool results. I am ordering a Holgaroid, if Freestyle Photo has them in stock. I also want to learn how to do Polaroid transfers. Anyone know how to do them? I am totally confused. I don't know much about 669 film at all. It's truly sad that Polaroid is not making this film or the SX70 film anymore. If they were smart, they'd jump on the Lomo bandwagon, sell an SX70 camera with film, or sell Holgaroids! All the artists would come out of the woodwork for it. There is a SX70 Flickr  and Holgaroid Flickr group, which is cool.

This is my 365 project picture of the day. 

Taken with a Canon SD800. (Not a Holgaroid! LOL!!)

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