Sunday, December 28, 2008

317/365 Sneezing

I feel even worse today. My eyes and nose are constantly itching and draining. I've sneezed at least one hundred times today. The constant annoying itchy feeling and watering is the worst of it. I've never had a more annoying cold. Maybe it's worse because I'm not taking any over the counter drugs to stop the natural body's response to the cold. If I were to stifle it through cold medications, I'm fearful I may get a sinus infection.

I had some vivid nightmares last night, which made for some fit-full sleep. It's most annoying because this is my vacation, and I can't enjoy the days off. Perhaps this is how I was supposed to spend my vacation; resting in my home. I didn't get to enjoy the company we had over the holidays. Staying downstairs yesterday and today, (for the most part), so as not to infect the others, may have helped prevent them from getting my lousy cold, but made for a monotonous two days. I may has well been working. If I weren't sick, I'd be at work today. I don't want to spread the germs. Oh well.

This is my 365 project picture of the day. 

Taken with a Canon SD800. Altered to black and white in Photoshop.

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