Sunday, December 14, 2008

303/365 Adonamenti

We went to Adornamenti in Dorchester. That's my sister's artisan store where she creates the most beautiful jewelry. (She needs to get her jewelry on Oprah for exposure). Her jewelry is more beautiful than any other artisan I've ever seen. Most people buy schlock shit stuff. This is the kind of jewelry that you pass down through generations. It's just that beautiful. 

I'm feeling a bit better today, though my back and neck are definitely out. I guess I have to go to the chiropractor in the morning. So much for cutting back on the visits. At least my knee isn't swollen today. I still don't understand why it swelled in the first place. 

My sister Susan made me this beautiful Lapis necklace which I am now wearing. It's to ward off negative energy, and to keep me safe and grounded. I definitely need this necklace! 

This is my 365 project picture of the day. 

Taken with a Canon SD800.

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