Sunday, September 28, 2008

226/365 Royal Bitch Wine

My sister gave me two bottles of wine for my birthday. This is one of them. I thought this was quite funny, because I was a Royal Bitch today. LOL!!!

We all went out last night to Bricco Restaurant in West Hartford, where I had the most fabulous meal. I had a Pinot Noir called HobNob, which was very good. I also had Calamari, some different cheeses, bread and olives. The main entree was a mushroom spinach lasagna with 4 cheeses, which was delicious. Everyone else had wonderful meals and I would definitely go back to this restaurant. Thanks to Diane, Dominic, Alex, Deb, and Pierre for a wonderful night.

This is my 365 project picture of the day...this, the day of my birth. 

Taken with a Canon SD800.

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