Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Interesting Quote

Amazingly enough, this is from a Starbucks cup in their series: "The Way I See It" sayings (#291):

"In a world where celebrity equals talent, and where make-believe is called reality, it is most important to have real love, truth and stability in your life." by Bernie Brillstein, Film and Television producer.

(If only that could ever happen).

Take this quote out of the world he lives in, and he's just described many people who celebrate celebrity, (or the rich and in power), actually worshipping it, and their way of life. It means that we've become a world of seekers who seek fame and fortune and power, instead of just loving and being. I've noticed this more and more over the years. People are greedy, and selfish. They only want material possessions, and outward beauty, and power, plus to be filthy rich at the expense of others. Everyone is stepping on top of everyone else to get this. It doesn't matter who you screw or use, as long as the bottom line is making money and being famous (popular), and having power.

Look at how everyone follows Oprah, like she is the barometer of what is good or bad in this world. If she says a book or product is wonderful, people run and buy it. 

If Ellen DeGeneres cries on TV about an adopted dog she illegally gave to a friend, the result is death threats on the Dog Adoption worker who did her job in following the policy which Ellen signed willingly, but chose to disregard due to her celebrity. Talk about playing it up for the camera. Ellen is wrong, but because of her whining on TV and gaining the public sympathies, the poor Dog Adoption Agency employee is getting death threats!! But that's okay, because she is just a worker bee, and deserves no second thought about what this celebrity has done to ruin her life by a 30 second segment of crying on national television.

People are like pigs going to the trough. They follow celebrities or the rich who live unscrupulous lives, buy into the bullshit they dish out. Another celebrity who is a disgusting resource-sucking pig is Madonna. If her ego were any bigger she'd have to have a separate vehicle for it to travel in. (I'm sure it would be a hummer too. No saving on gas for her.) She purposely says or does something scandalous for publicity and makes millions off the idiots who lap it up. The idiots who condone and follow this are just as bad. They lap up this drivel like God has just spoken. 

People have become petty and disgusting in their greed. It's not just in the celebrity world either. It's in government, and in the workplace. There are the arrogant people who think that because they make more money than the next guy, it gives them cart blanche to do whatever they choose, even if it is illegal, immoral and ethically wrong! Money talks, and that's it. This world of greedy pigs disgusts me.

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