Sunday, May 18, 2008

93/365 Taking Pictures

I like taking them, when I have time or the energy. (If I didn't have my morning ritual of drinking coffee, I wouldn't bother getting out of bed. Drinking coffee gives me a false sense of hope. It tricks my brain into being in a better mood. At this point, anything will help.) When your depressed, the energy isn't quite there. I do try. I think I've done okay so far with my 365 project. They aren't the best or professional pictures, but they give me hope where I feel there isn't much of it. Now, with Tillie gone, I am more distraught. I've had that dog since the year my Mom died. Tillie died the day before mother's day. It's too fucking weird. I'm not dealing well with it.

Plus, I'm tired of a toxic working environment. I can't retire until I have a good paying job, due to the recession. This doesn't help my depression. I wish I could win the lotto. Then I wouldn't have to work at all, but ttravel and take pictures, meet new people, and animals. I could photograph them at my leisure and not give a rats ass about time or having to be in a certain place. this is what's called being rich. Not having a lot of cash means long hours of struggling, driving with road rage to and from work, and wondering what it's all for. I mean, really. What is it all for?

I need to move to California or somewhere warm and sunny. More sunlight, better mood. Yes?

This is my 365 project picture. (The one with the camera in my clutches.) It isn't the most flattering, but I frankly don't give a shit anymore. (Wait til you see the ones of me when I'm getting drunk.) Oh, they're coming. I'ved decided to drink more and be merry, for tomorrow is old age and suckfest city.)

All of these taken with Photo Booth in my Macbook Pro. 

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