Tuesday, May 13, 2008

88/365 Scott Kelby in Hartford

I went to this Scott Kelby Adobe Photoshop CS3 Power Tour (seminar/workshop) in Hartford, Connecticut today. It was held at the Hartford Convention Center. It was from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

It was tailored for digital photographers. I enjoyed it, but there was way too much information to absorb. I wish I could have taped the whole thing. I could go back and apply everything Scott showed us today. He gave us a workbook, but I get lost with some of the techniques even with the book in front of me.

I would attend another seminar. It was well worth the 99 bux! I joined NAPP for 2 yrs for $179, and got two DVDs of my choice on Kelby Training. I picked out two on digital photographers using Photoshop CS3. Can't recall the exact names right now.

The cool thing was all of the vendors that were there. There was NAPP, Scott Kelby training stuff, all of these wonderful books, B&H Photo with all sorts of catalogs, and information. I entered a contest to win a Huey Calibration unit. We received free issues of Layers, and Photoshop User Magazines. The whole day flew by, and I wish it was at a slower pace and two full days, with a sleep over and party after the first night to meet some of the people from the audience. So many people into Photoshop! The place was packed. Check out his Photoshop TV site.

Some cool sites:
Smashing Magazine (Photoshop Tutorials)

This is my 365 project picture of the day.

Taken with a Canon SD800 without flash. (Thanks, Aida!)

Free java which I'm sure a lot of you flickr people would have loved. (It was yummy!)

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