Monday, April 28, 2008

73/365 Eat The Bread, Ya Freak!

It's a rainy day here in Connecticut. I went out with a friend to lunch at Bertucci's, and then we headed to Border's Books in Avon. I like to photograph books in the store so I have a visual list of what I may get later on at some point. 

The "Mastering Digital Black and White" by Amadou DiƄllo is an awesome book, but I'm not ready for something that intense.

"The Here And Now" book by Sam Jones is celebrity photographs that are so exquisite! I love Sam Jone's style. I love the cover with George Clooney. He is such a sexy man. I love his sense of humor too. (The forward in the book is by Clooney who claims to not even know Jones. LOL!!) Sam Jones is a photographer I've never heard of, but he is a wonderful celebrity portrait photographer. 

The bread at Bertucci's restaurant was freakish. It was phallic. I had to laugh. Of course, the picture I took with the bread has to be the 365 project photo of the day! It's not flattering at all. It is funny to me, and that is the reason for it being the top picture. I could have easily went with another lovely book, but I find the spontaneous stuff much more enjoyable, even if I don't look my best. I figure if I look like shit in some of these photos, it makes the project more realistic and endearing. I need to laugh at myself more. Life shouldn't be serious at all! I want to show warts and all. If I could get a nude portrait up here with my flaws and everything, then I'd be quite brave, wouldn't I? 

Remember the woman with breast cancer who had herself photographed with one breast missing, and there was only a scar there? (I think it was Richard Avedon that did that photograph.) She came so close to death, that she threw caution to the wind and showed integrity in that photo. She looked beautiful. 

The picture of the Ohm (OM?) Symbol pendant was just something I wanted to do quickly with the Canon pocket camera. I just love the shape of this pendant. My brother-in-law John gave it to me. So, all of the these pictures (except the one with me and the bread) are all part of the 365 overflow.

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