Thursday, March 27, 2008

41/365 Tillie is Caught!

Here is a close-up of Tillie's expression, for those who need glasses. Notice the "caught" expression. I've decided that this is the shot of the day. Yeah, it's cropped. I get so few pictures of my shy dog. She's older now, and I have to sneak them in. Plus, if I can get as many pictures of my dog in the 365 project, I'm going to do it. Maybe not every day, but I have to put Tillie in there. This might be her last year alive on the planet. She's going to be 15 years old this October. Her kidneys are failing. She has a major heart murmur, and she has other ailments. She is on 8 weeks of antibiotics for her infections, but I have to say, she seems to be getting better. She may not get healthy kidneys, (and will wear pampers forever), but her energy is back. So, the pills are working for that at least. Isn't she adorable, even with a guilty face?? She has been taking off exploring lately. It's Spring, and new smells are everywhere! Little brat! look at her face! She is so guilty! LOL!!! Taken with a Canon SD800.

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