Wednesday, March 05, 2008

19/365 It's Raining...

It's raining, and I feel like shit. I didn't want to take photos today. I did it anyway. I had no ideas. I took about 20 shots, and two of them were adequate. For some reason I liked taking pictures of the dog bones. It seemed simplistic to me, not cluttered. I also enjoyed photographing the Pug figurine, because I smile every time I see it. (I have it as my first tattoo on my right inside calf.)

The pug is so cute, how can you ruin that shot? I chose the bones as the number one shot for my 365 project due to its simplicity. It was calming to take, and I enjoyed the unfolding of this picture. The pug picture is cute, and I like it, but the bones are more of what I am after in a consciousness shot.

The black and white shot was just a Photoshop effect, and it wasn't a choice in the running. I just did it for fun. I try to keep the photoshop work on this project to a minimal. I do the basic color balance, sharpening, brightness, contrast stuff. The black and white version is just a new technique I learned in hue/saturation of layers. So, my number one shot for the day is the picture of the bones. Number two shot is the Pug in color.

One final note: I have this book called "Keep It Simple" by John Nichols. This book is out of print, and hard to find. I've owned this for years. The reason why I kept it, is because the message is so clear. Keep it simple.

Simplicity is great advice for design and life. John's pictures are simple, but beautiful. He lives a life of simplicity by riding a bicycle everywhere he goes. John had a heart attack, and had to reevaluate his life. He chose to simplify it by riding his bike everywhere, (which was wonderful exercise), and he also started eating right, and treading lightly on the earth. I just thought it was a wonderful metamorphosis from typical over consumption to choosing simplicity to save the planet and himself.

If we all just slowed down life, and would rid ourselves of the excess crap, (mind or material possessions), we'd consume less in resources, then maybe we'd all have a fuller existence, and the earth would renew itself. Okay, I'm rambling and will shut up now.

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