Thursday, March 27, 2008

Starbucks Cup

Did you read what this says?? This is freakin' hilarious!! Years and years I've listened to a lot of HORSE SHIT! Let me explain. I apply this every single day at my job when I listen to inmates and their tales about crime. They always have some sort of rationale as to why they think they should be freed from prison for what they did. They explain why they committed the crime, and how they were justified. Only a select few admit to their mistakes and believe they deserve the time they are serving in prison. The number one prisoner most in denial? Inmates who were sent to prison for drunk driving. So, what have I learned from this, like the guy on the cup says? I learned that there are some warped humans in this world. Really warped! I won't even begin to explain the rationale of my coworkers! I should write a book. It would be an eye opener.

The cappuccino was yummy with whipped cream!

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