Saturday, March 08, 2008

22/365 Spring Ahead!!

My choice of a shot was going to be a picture of something completely black, to express the foul upset mood I'm in today. I changed my mind, because this idea was better. I figured a picture of the black (negative) in this iPhone picture and the luminous numbers (positive) would express the dark mood along with the bright time of springing ahead. (Light is always stronger than darkness) So, it's spring ahead, and spring into better moods. The last 24 hours sucked. I can't explain why, but suffice it to say, I choose a better path. It's my choice, and I choose happiness. Certain people have chosen their miserable paths. Hope they can live with their choices. (Yes, I know this makes no sense to anyone in here. That's okay too.)

Taken with a Canon SD800 for the 365 project.

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