Tuesday, March 18, 2008

32/365 Awake

My first day off, and I just want to sleep. I know it's because I am depressed, but also due to my body trying to get over the punishment I gave it yesterday at the gym. I did back and biceps so fast, and so heavy, that I was just about in a coma later on that night. My body started immediately to repair itself from the shit I did to it. I could feel it. It's amazing! So, I just let it do its thing.

As I get older it is harder to recoup from these kind of workouts. I can't help it. I love to work out. It's all I have. It's all that I look forward to, besides the occasional glee from taking pictures. Even taking pictures can get annoying. It's too mind stimulating, and I'm always in my mind, so it's annoying. At least with a workout, I know I accomplished something, even if its pain. I am also not thinking; just doing. It's a break from my mind.

Do you ever wake up and not want to be around yourself? Like you wish your brain could be in someone else's body, and you could have their brain for a day; to get a different perspective on life? Wouldn't that be wonderful? How would you see things? Would it be more exciting? Would you see the same colors, or think better thoughts? Would you be as compassionate? I guess it could be a nightmare depending on who's brain you were using that day. What if I ended up with a an ass hole's brain? Some criminal, or cruel person?. That would suck! I would like to choose the brain. Maybe Hawking's brain? Wow. What a intense day that would be. Just don't let me get a Britney Spears type of brain. I would jump off a cliff in shear disgust! Okay, now I am rambling on. Oh, who gives a shit anyway? Go ahead and enjoy my dementia. (Part of the 365 project.)

Taken with a Canon SD800.

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