Thursday, March 20, 2008

34/365 Aren't They Lovely?

I thought of this idea last night. Well, part of it. I was just going to shoot the book, then realized that my Mom's picture with this book would make the shot more personal and endearing to me.

I always thought that my Mom and Audrey were similar in many ways. They both had authentic and beautiful souls. They had similar features and builds. They both had a standard of grace and beauty they lived by. Both were very evolved spiritually. By that I mean, they caused no one any harm and lived by a certain code of ethics that not many people do. They were classy and down to earth, (approachable). They always were giving and generous to a fault. So many similarities. The book is a beautiful look into what made Audrey so wonderful. It certainly wasn't her celebrity. It was her philosophy on life, which was similar to my Mom's. Anyway, that's my shot of the day for this 365 project.

Taken with a Canon SD800.

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