Monday, March 31, 2008

45/365 Tony Bennett's Book

I had to use this as my 365 project photo of the day. I've haven't been feeling well lately. Too long to explain, but I've been calling out sick, and feel absolutely lousy. This project, though my mind isn't into it right now, it has distracted me from not feeling well. This is a picture of a book I picked up by Tony Bennett. It's a book of his paintings. (Check out his art website!!!) This is his website about him. Actually, it's more than that. He talks about his career in music, his studies in art school, and it shows sketches and paintings he's done over the years along with wonderful stories about them. I was fascinated by this book. He is just a well-grounded, wonderful man and artist. I certainly can learn a lot from his life's teachings.

I've always wanted to meet him. Actually, I would love to sing with him in the studio, and maybe go check out his paintings in person. He is just a fascinating artist. 

Wish I could meet him. 

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