Friday, March 28, 2008

42/365 Sipping Coffee

I set-up the coffee maker the night before, if I am going to be home to drink it. I use half-decaf half-caf blend. It's usually the Costco brand of Columbian Coffee, which is very good. I sometimes mix in the decaf "Cafe San Miguel" with it.

I'm not drinking some cheap brand like Maxwell House or Folger's coffee. It tastes terribly bitter to me. I don't care for Dunkin Donuts coffee. I hate their cream. I think their coffee is terrible. I drink Starbucks once in a while, but it messes up my guts. Still, they have more variety, even if it costs a car payment! I like Whole Donut coffee, but they are a bit weak. I still think it's better than Dunkin's coffee.

I experiment with different brands. I once sent for this free trader coffee whose business was owned by women in a third world country. It was this wonderful program to give back to the pickers, all of the profits, so they could make a decent living. I spent a lot of money on this coffee. It was the weakest coffee I ever drank, though the flavor was still better than Dunkin! It's too bad. I thought I had a connection to some primo stuff. The mug was given as a gift around Christmas time. I must have spent a fortune with them and they sent me a mug two years in a row. Then they stopped sending them. Funny, I didn't stop spending a fortune.

Lastly, I love anything to do with coffee, so this comic strip "Too Much Coffe Man" or TMCM is an awesome one.

This is my shot of the day for my 365 project.

Taken with a Canon SD800.

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