Tuesday, March 04, 2008

18/365 Shots of the day

Well I took many shots, but only a few worth saving. It was fun taking them, though I don't think I photograph well. Who ever thinks they photograph well? I know a lot of people love doing that 365 project of taking self-portraits, but I'm not one of them. It's hard for me, as I don't think I look good in a photograph. I need to get over that and photograph anyway. Especially the funny pictures. I know I look like shit in them, but they crack me up just the same. To hell with vanity. (How did my face get so pudgy?)
I did all candid shots today. For the future, it may be a set-up shot with the better camera. I just need to let it go and do the funny stuff and not care what I look like. Now, that would be enlightenment!

These were all taken with the Canon SD800. I chose the eyeball as the first choice shot. I then conv
erted the eyeball into a B&W photograph, and colored in the eye, just for fun.

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