Saturday, February 16, 2008

01/365 This Morning's Photos with iPhone

This represents a new project I am gifting to myself. I started today (02-16-08) in my flickr group that I created. It involves taking at least one picture a day of anything, but doing it in the present moment. It's a way of acknowledging the pure moment while creating and being one with it. If you would like to join, or check it out, go to my flickr site.

I took a few random shots this morning with my iPhone. (Yes, I cleaned them up in Photoshop!) I am starting to become more aware of my surroundings, and using the camera helps me to slow life down a bit and enjoy what I see. Granted, it isn't the D-SLR or even the Canon, but the iPhone I am using, but I have to start somewhere. It's the point of slowing down and really being in the moment. I am enjoying this immensely!

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