Saturday, February 23, 2008

08/365 So Many Pictures

I took so many pictures today. I think because I have the day off, and used the better camera, it slowed me down to experience the picture taking. I like natural lighting, which a fast lens allows. Upstairs, the lighting is much better in the house. These are all from today. (365 Project).

Camera used: Nikon D80 with a 50mm lens. All pictures are RAW.

I felt great taking these pictures. I connected most with the orchids. The first shot is my favorite and turned out to be the February 23rd shot of the day. The lighting is wonderful upstairs, and I would like to use that area for natural lighting in the future.

Each day I have to slow my mind down and absorb what's around me in order to photograph. It's difficult most times, but today was a bit smoother than the last few days. I do notice that I can relax and let it be more on my days off. I don't feel rushed.

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