Saturday, August 25, 2007

My sister decided to put her face in her birthday cake after we sang Happy Brthday to her. (Well, I cajoled her.) Mom was pissed. Oh well. Can't please everyone. It was her birthday, after all!
Alex should work in films. He has such a great presence, even at this early age.

Lady the Mascot

She was the mascot at my workplace. We had an idiot boss who tried to have her put down because the dog growled at one of his idiot friends. (Good judgement on the dog's part.) He gave me one day to find a home. Such a loser! Well, I found her one.

My Dad

I can't believe he's been gone since 1983.

My Mom

August 24th would have been her birthday. This is an old polaroid I altered and scanned.

My Best Friend Ramona

She photographs so well. Excellent model!

Scanned Photos

I was scanning some older photos and thought I'd put them here.