Friday, June 22, 2007

Free From Manipulation!

I am the abused fiddle most worn by all deception
I am the dried out wood
from weathered manipulation

tarnished, warped from years of poor playing
my soul once strong, now it's faded
to one last string to be plucked

As time passes and the fiddle sits quietly
gathering of energy has surged through its strings
no longer subjected to abuse from the player
a true artist has played its brand new strings
and it sounds quite lovely.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Connie Talbot

Paul Pott's Competition. She was good, but not as good as Paul. Her time will come.

Paul Potts Sings

Paul Potts sings and wins it all! This is an absolutely wonderful story!


Semi Finals


Winner is Paul Potts!

Still The Same by Bob Seger

Words and music by Bob Seger

You always won, everytime you placed a bet
You're still damn good, no ones gotten to you yet
Everytime they were sure they had you caught
You were quicker than they thought
You'd just turn your back and walk
You always said, the cards would never do you wrong
The trick you said was never play the game too long
A gamblers share, the only risk that you would take
The only loss you could forsake
The only bluff you couldn't fake

And you're still the same
I caught up with you yesterday
Moving game to game
No one standing in your way
Turning on the charm
Long enough to get you by
You're still the same
You still aim high

There you stood, everybody watched you play
I just turned and walked away
I had nothing left to say

'cause you're still the same
You're still the same
Moving game to game
Some thlngs never change
You're still the same

Sunday, June 17, 2007

James Nachtwey: TED Prize wish: Share a vital story with the world

From Ted Talks: "James Nachtwey talks about his decades as a war photographer. A slideshow of his photos, beginning in 1981 in Northern Ireland, reveal two parallel themes in his work. First, as he says: "The frontlines of contemporary wars are right where people live." Street violence, famine, disease: he has photographed all these modern WMDs. Second, when a photo catches the world's attention, it can truly drive action and change. In his TED wish, he asks for help gaining access to a story that needs to be told, and developing a new, digital way to show these photos to the world."

Help Grant James Nachtwey's Wish

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tillie in B&W

This is my ACD (Australian Cattle Dog), taken with a Nikon D80 digital camera on ISO 1600. She fears this particular camera. I don't know why. Perhaps it is the light sensor on it?


Well, to make this blog more upbeat, I am putting the little Pink Shuffle here. I enjoy running to music, and it is much easier to run with this clip-on iPod than the big, bulky, video iPod. So, the video iPod is my back-up of all my music, and the little iPod is strictly for working out. It was a great purchase. I use it everyday!


Dad would have been 69 years old on June 10th of this year. He died 24 years ago. His birthday has just passed and Father's day is coming this weekend. I miss him deeply. This picture with the teddy bear was after his motorcycle accident. He was never the same.

Moo Cards

The new funky business card. I love these little cards! Make your own Moo cards. Check out my flickr site for my moo cards, and other photos. If you would like ideas about moo cards, check out the flickr Moo Group site. Lastly, check out splatgirl's website on Etsy. She makes Moo Card holders. She is quite creative. Check out Splatgirl's Blog. She does everything so wonderfully!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

What's In My Bag?

From the YouTube video and That's My Monkey website via the digital wedding photographer Bruce L Snell, photography LLC, here is this awesome video of what's in his photography bag! Oh, I love these videos!!