Sunday, January 28, 2007


Ahhhh Yes! I did some self-portraits! I actually like these. I was having fun with my D-SLR, a Nikon D70 with a zoom lens on it. I used fill flash, set the camera on a tripod, set the self-timer, and grabbed my guitars! I wanted some photos for MySpace. My favorite guitar is the one my Mom bought me back in 1976, a Takamine 12 string. The other 6 string acoustic guitar pictured is a Martin, (albeit a low end model, if that is possible!) I'm still getting used to it. I haven't photographed the Fender Stratocaster yet. (Yeah, I am a guitar collector!) I loved doing this photo shoot, as it gave me a chance to play with my digital camera. I am kind of shy about getting someone to model for me, but I think I need to get some courage and start shooting more. I have the bug to take portraits! Now, if the winter will end, I can get going!! Hey! Here are some cool links to check out. Scroll over this paragraph too, as there are a few links hidden!

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