Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I got this tattoo on 03/14/06. It's a tattoo of my Australian Cattle dog Tillie. She is surrounded by Orchids. Her collar has the women's symbol on it, which I love. I am happy with this tattoo, although it was painful to get. For some reason this one hurt a lot. Maybe due to the fat in the area? Who knows. At any rate, I have been wanting to get Tillie tattooed on me for over a year now, but I knew it would be involved. It took 3 hours, but was worth the pain. I have to go back and have them add some eye liner to her eyes, because one of her best features is the black outline which reminds me of Cleopatra. Tillie is such a girlie-girl! Hahahah! I had it done at Body Graphics in South Windsor, Connecticut, by a woman named Jen. She has been tattooing for 6 years and is quite the artist. I checked out her portfolio, and was pleased with it. Besides, I'd rather have a woman do my tattoos.

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