Friday, February 10, 2006

Me and Ramona at Diane's birthday dinner at Dandy Lions in Simsbury. (This was back in Sept. 2005.) Ramona has two lovely kids (Alex and Natasha), and a cool hubby. She is a certified personal trainer, CAD draftsman, rock climber, mountain biker, marathon runner. She also backpacks. Her husband Steve has rock climbed all over the USA. He also does those 24hr bike marathons on a mountain bike. He is prepping for one now. They spent about 3 months backpacking across the USA, mostly in Montana, (where they had a run-in with a Mama Grizzly Bear), Wyoming, Idaho, before settling in Idaho for a few years. Then they moved to New Hampshire where they currently reside. Steve has a computer job close enough to home that he can walk or mountain bike ride there. Behind their house are miles of woods which they cleared just enough to use a mountain bike to single track through. Ramona has a CAD job, which she loves. The only problem with New Hampshire, at least where they live (Keene), is that there are no mega-stores, which can become a problem if they are shopping for stuff. It is difficult to get good deals where they are. Mona actually travels to my area to get good prices. I've known Mona for almost 21 years. I am very proud of her accomplishments. She has come from a tough life and changed it for the better. (I forgot I had this digital photo on my hard drive!!! While looking through the mess, I found several pics of numerous things, including the graduation photo below this picture, that were taken a while ago, but will place in my blog. My problem is all the great photos I have taken over the years need to be scanned as they are either slides or negatives.)

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