Friday, February 10, 2006

Hey there!

This is my latest tattoo of my tree frog. His ears are covered to signify "Hear No Evil", because where I work, and in this world, there are people who gossip and say terrible things. This is my positive response, kind of like good feng shui on my back, to protect me from negative people. The symbol above it is my astrology sign. I am a Libra, very sensitive, loving balance, fine things, and art. So...having said that, this frog is my 4th tattoo, and a positive piece of artwork. It is actually covering a burn mark I received earlier this year. (Don't ask!) I had this tattoo done at Living Art Studio in Northampton, Massachusetts. Check out the following magazines for ideas. Skin and Ink is a great magazine or International Tattoo Magazine. They are both pretty good. I'll show you my other tattoos another time. Now it's time for bed. I have to work tomorrow.

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