Friday, February 10, 2006

This is a picture I took of a Poppy flower growing in the backyard after a storm.

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Christmas Eve 2005

I had so much fun Xmas Eve with family and friends. Dominic SR and Eleanor, Alicia, my cousin Caryn, (and her friend Dave), Sue, John, Debbie, Danny, Doug, Devin, John (market boy), and Pie Face with Dickie the snack boy were all there. We had a blast, though I was a tad loud! (T'was the wine, baby!! Actually, I was louder than the kids. hahahha). The finger food and desserts desserts were yummy. I love the sweater my sis Diane gave me. My other sister Susan let me wear one of her necklaces she made.

Diane Smiling

I love this cell phone picture of my sister Diane. It came out great! We were walking the dog at the time.

Today, on November 15th, 2005, it's raining and damp outside here in Connecticut. It's only 55 degrees, but feels much colder due to the rain. I'm watching IFC, as this is one of my favorite movie channels. I like foreign films lately. It just seems like other continents are more appealing, as I've never been anywhere to travel out of the country except the Dominican Republic, and that was this year!! My goal in the future is to document by photographing and writing more while traveling. Journaling is a good idea besides this blog and photo essays. I think sketching would slow things down more, as it takes time to draw a scene, thereby absorbing everything in the area I visit, including the people, architecture, smells, tastes and experiences.
BlindSpot Magazine
Foto 8
Mary Ellen Mark

Me and Ramona at Diane's birthday dinner at Dandy Lions in Simsbury. (This was back in Sept. 2005.) Ramona has two lovely kids (Alex and Natasha), and a cool hubby. She is a certified personal trainer, CAD draftsman, rock climber, mountain biker, marathon runner. She also backpacks. Her husband Steve has rock climbed all over the USA. He also does those 24hr bike marathons on a mountain bike. He is prepping for one now. They spent about 3 months backpacking across the USA, mostly in Montana, (where they had a run-in with a Mama Grizzly Bear), Wyoming, Idaho, before settling in Idaho for a few years. Then they moved to New Hampshire where they currently reside. Steve has a computer job close enough to home that he can walk or mountain bike ride there. Behind their house are miles of woods which they cleared just enough to use a mountain bike to single track through. Ramona has a CAD job, which she loves. The only problem with New Hampshire, at least where they live (Keene), is that there are no mega-stores, which can become a problem if they are shopping for stuff. It is difficult to get good deals where they are. Mona actually travels to my area to get good prices. I've known Mona for almost 21 years. I am very proud of her accomplishments. She has come from a tough life and changed it for the better. (I forgot I had this digital photo on my hard drive!!! While looking through the mess, I found several pics of numerous things, including the graduation photo below this picture, that were taken a while ago, but will place in my blog. My problem is all the great photos I have taken over the years need to be scanned as they are either slides or negatives.)

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This is a painted version of the same photo. He looks so cozy!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kramer (Pug).

Cats are NOT my favorite animal. I did like this picture I took of the mascot cat in the window of Beyond Words Bookstore. Unfortunately, this store closed due to the competition of the Barnes and Noble super bookstore in Holyoke, and the internet. Too bad. They had a cool selection.

This is a picture I took in Northampton of a Lab Mix puppy.

Here is a picture of Brutus, a Boston Terrier puppy that my friend "Randy-Man" owns. He is in the back of my truck. He is a wonderful dog. His first swim was at the lake here (Congamond). He was high stepping in the water, because he never swam before. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, I used film for that shot, and I don't have a scanner. :(

I saw this puppy at the Pet Store years ago. I photographed it. The Pet Shop was trying to say this was a AKC Pug purebred. There is no such thing as a Pug that is brindle in color. Never happened in the history of the Pug. It has to be part Pit? The puppy was adorable though. Hard to leave behind. I hate Pet Stores that sell puppies. They get their puppies from Puppy Mills. No responsible breeder would ever sell to a Pet Store.

Amateur Watercolor Attempt

These are postcard watercolor pictures I did quite a long time ago. I think I did these in 1992. At any rate, I had no drawings on this blog yet, so dug these out of the archives. If I had a scanner, the quality would be better. Hell, if I could paint and draw, the quality would be better too!! LOL!

Doggy Island 2005

These are pictures from "Doggy Island" in Dorchester, Massachusetts. It's where my brother-in-law (John) and I walk the dogs.

Flickr Anyone??

Yeah, I have some pics at flickr. Some may be a repeat. Kind of a cool website, but not so certain of its use.

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Jerry Sparagowski (The BEST horse photographer)

This guy was pretty cool. He was a drifter who sold gems on the streets. He and his dog "Jesta" travel the United States. We had a long conversation. Jesta adored his owner. Funny how I remember the name of the dog, but not the name of the owner.
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Hey there!

This is my latest tattoo of my tree frog. His ears are covered to signify "Hear No Evil", because where I work, and in this world, there are people who gossip and say terrible things. This is my positive response, kind of like good feng shui on my back, to protect me from negative people. The symbol above it is my astrology sign. I am a Libra, very sensitive, loving balance, fine things, and art. So...having said that, this frog is my 4th tattoo, and a positive piece of artwork. It is actually covering a burn mark I received earlier this year. (Don't ask!) I had this tattoo done at Living Art Studio in Northampton, Massachusetts. Check out the following magazines for ideas. Skin and Ink is a great magazine or International Tattoo Magazine. They are both pretty good. I'll show you my other tattoos another time. Now it's time for bed. I have to work tomorrow.

Kramer in a Fez Cap!

Kramer in a fez cap. He is the cutest boy.

My Favorite Photographers

This is my Sci-fi connection. I used to love the show X-Files, but there are other stranger phenomenon out there.

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